Former U.S. Army pilots injured in helicopter crash sue DynCorp for $10M

05/27/2010 // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Falls Church, TN—A defense contractor that was appointed the responsibility of servicing and maintaining military aircraft was sued for at least $10 million. The personal injury lawsuit, filed against DynCorp International Inc. on Monday, May 24, 2010, stemmed from a military chopper crash in 2008. Two former U.S. Army pilots’ sustained serious injuries in the Iraq aviation wreck, according to information provided by Bloomberg.

Reports indicated a military helicopter was soaring south of Baghdad when something went horribly wrong. The main rotor driveshaft failed, leaving the helicopter nowhere to go but down. The aircraft was a part of the Royal Saudi helicopter fleet.

Pilots’ Gary Linfoot and Gregory Cooper “suffered severe and permanent bodily and emotional injuries” in the helicopter wreck. Linfoot and Cooper both reside in Tennessee and were members of the Special Operations unit.

As a result, they endured pain and mental anguish. The plaintiffs were also left to pay for extensive medical bills, although they experienced earnings loss as a result of the aviation accident.

The complaint was filed in Wilmington, Delaware. It alleges, “DynCorp was responsible for maintaining the subject helicopter in an airworthy condition.”

The complaint also contends the pilots were injured due to DynCorp’s “negligent acts”.

DynCorp did not comment on the pending litigation.

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