San Ramon product liability: Moths, dead bugs, maggots, eggs all found

05/24/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

San Ramon, CA—The last thing someone expected to find when opening a bag of Sun Valley Almonds was a moth flying out of the bag and several dead winged bugs, maggots and even what appeared to be eggs mixed in with the food. After relieving calls from two customers, about the infested nuts, KTVU decided to in investigate.

On Sunday, May 24, 2010, Lucky’s grocery store in San Ramon apologized for the infested nuts.

One customer, Dave Brown and his wife Vicki, bought a bag of Sun Valley slivered almonds on Friday from Lucky’s on San Ramon. “I was ready to open the bag and I noticed there are a couple of moths floating around the bag. I showed my husband and he said, ‘oh that’s disgusting,’” said Vicki Brown.

The Browns claimed they talked to a Lucky manager who promised that the bags would be removed. On Saturday morning, Vicki went back to the grocery store where she found the almonds still on the shelves. Vicki bought another bag for proof, in which she discovered a live moth, a death moth, and what looked like eggs and maggots inside the sealed bag.

On Sunday morning, KTVU reporter Janine De La Vega went to Lucky’s and bought a couple bags of the infested almonds, where she found bugs inside the bag.

Lucky’s grocery store still had not pulled the infested almonds from store shelves.

A call to corporate headquarters on Sunday was made for an explanation. A corporate spokesperson stated that the store “had removed the bad merchandise Friday and new bags of almonds were restocked on the shelves. But what tore employees didn’t realize was those bags were also tainted.”

Lucky released a statement to KTVU, which said:

“The store on San Ramon Valley Blvd. has removed all packages of almonds in question. Although the bags are sealed and there is no possibility of cross contamination, the store is sanitizing the rack and display bins. We have not received a recall notice for these products. We will contact the manufacturer to investigate the origin of the problem.”

Lucky’s is offering a refund to those who have purchased the almonds.

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