Coroners office mixes up bodies, toddler wrongly cremated; Family devastated

05/25/2010 // West Palm Beach , Florida, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Columbus, OH—Failure to follow procedure resulted in the cremation of the wrong body last week. An employee at the Franklin County Coroner’s office apparently released the wrong body to a funeral home, which caused the wrong child to be cremated, as reported by WBNS.

The body of 14-month-old Jaylen Talley was reportedly picked up from the corner’s office on May 19, 2010, and was transported to the wrong funeral home. Jaylen was mistaken for another child’s remains and was erroneously cremated.

Little Jaylen reportedly died earlier this month from complications stemming from an undiagnosed heart defect. The family was planning on burying their beloved son, according to the boy’s father, Marco Talley.

The coroner’s office employee who made the mistake, Dr. Jan M. Gorniak, is currently on administrative leave until a further investigation is completed.

Gorniak stated, “The error was complicated by the funeral home and crematory, which failed to follow proper identification procedure prior to cremation.”

Marco Talley and the rest of the family are devastated by the mistake. “I can’t even bury him like I want to bury him. I have to bury him like I have been made to. I don’t have a choice in the matter,” he said. “The other family, I feel sorry for them because they wanted their child cremated. At least they can still cremate their son, but you can’t bring ashes back to a body.”

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