Tonawanda NY head-on crash: 2 seriously injured after trying to pass another car

05/21/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Buffalo, NY—A head-on crash in the Town of Tonawanda left two people seriously injured Thursday morning, May 20, 2010. A Pontiac was traveling southbound on River Road around 5:50 a.m., when it crossed into oncoming traffic to pass another car, resulting in a head-on crash, as reported by WKBW.

The Town of Tonawanda Police Department reported 26-year-old Adam Kruse was driving a Pontiac with a relative on River Road, when he decided to pass a car in front of his between Sheridan and Sawyer. When the Pontiac entered the oncoming lane of traffic, Kruse started to loose control and couldn’t get back over into his lane in time, slamming into an oncoming car head-on.

Lieutenant Nick Bado stated the car wasn’t “able to negotiate that move as well as they would have like but before they could regain control and back into the proper direction of travel, another vehicle coming northbound collided with them.”

Police officials believe both Kruse and his passenger were up all night after leaving a concert the night prior.

Bado said that they believe “alcohol was a factor, they also looking at speed as a factor, so those two thing contributed to their decision to make the move they did and ultimately caused the accident.”

Both Kruse and his passenger were taken to Erie County Medical Center for treatment of serious chest and head injuries. The driver of the other car, identified a 42-year-old Michigan resident, was treated and released from Kenmore Mercy Hospital that same day.

Police say charges are pending against Kruse.

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