Grant Florida Elder Abuse: Bugs found in mouth of harshly neglected mother

Grant Florida Elder Abuse: Bugs found in mouth of harshly neglected mother


05/21/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Grant, FL—Deputies from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a man in connection with a dreadful case of elder abuse. The Grant resident was apprehended on Tuesday, May 18, 2010, and with his bond was set to $1 million, as reported by

Emergency medical services (EMS) paramedics rushed to a home located at 4140 South U.S. 1 to aid 82-year-old Florence Cassin. However, upon arriving at the residence, they found Cassin, Richard Cassin’s mother, in a grave medical state. Police officials were subsequently dispatched to the scene.

The police report indicated, “There were insects inside her mouth—the bedding she was laying on was swarming with thousands of gnats. Cassin was apparently found covered in sores, merely responding by with moans and cries. The report are disclosed there were dead cockroaches strewn across her pillows, while rotting food was visible in her hair.

To make matters worse, she was wearing a soiled diaper, grimy clothing, and allegedly reeked of an overpowering odor. Her eyes were also apparently encrusted with a yellow and green discharge. She was transported to an area medical center and placed in the intensive care unit (ICU) for treatment.

Richard Cassin was reportedly inebriated upon his arrest. He also claimed he had not taken his mother to see a physician in two years because “they just poke a prod her.” He also noted he “figured she would just die.”

According to Cassin’s neighbor Darrel Richter, “It makes me realize why he never let me in the house, he would cut me short and meet me at the door… I have never seen her inside in five years.”

Another neighbor, only identified as Robert, contended Cassin was an alcoholic and was unable to care for his mother after 20 years. “I know he did not mean no harm. Some of things in the house are rough, but as I’ve known him he cried saying ‘my mom’s passing away, my mom’s passing away,’ he was sick about it,” Robert added.

The case continues.

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