Miami FL Accident: U.S. Honor Flag displayed for trooper killed in fiery crash

Miami FL Accident: U.S. Honor Flag displayed for trooper killed in fiery crash


05/19/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Miami, FL—A Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) trooper was killed in a fiery two-vehicle collision on Saturday, May 15, 2010. The motor vehicle accident occurred along Florida’s Turnpike (TPK) in Miami, according to information provided by CBS4.

Reports indicate 35-year-old FHP Trooper Patrick Ambroise was seated in his Ford Crown Victoria patrol car when the crash occurred at around 8:30 p.m. A Lexus driven by 19-year-old Jonathan Garcia was traveling along the toll highway when he smashed into the Crown Victoria. The patrol vehicle was reportedly positioned along the right should of the Turnpike, north of the Okeechobee interchange, when it was violently rear-ended.

On impact of the crash, a fire was ignited in the fuel tank of the vehicle. The patrol car immediately burst into flames. Ambroise was trapped inside the vehicle and seemingly succumbed to his severe injuries on the scene.

Emergency medical services (EMS) crews airlifted Garcia to Ryder Trauma Center via medical helicopter. Though he reportedly suffered severe injuries, he was listed in stable condition at the hospital.

In commemoration of the fallen trooper, the U.S. Honor Flag was sent in from Washington, D.C. and subsequently displayed in Miami. Ambroise is survived by a wife and two daughters; ages 5-years-old and 3-months-old.

Sammy Thomas, Ambroise’s commanding officer, stated, “He dedicated his life to the service of his state. He dedicated his life to the service of his family… Anytime any member of this organization [dies] it naturally affects us. We strive to prevent death and carnage out here. We put our lives on the line to protect the public and that’s what Patrick did.”

According to information provided, modernized Ford Crown Victoria models are equipped with an automatic fire suppression system. The system was created to “extinguish fires for rear-end collisions without any human intervention”.

The newer models are also prepared with exclusive truck packs. These truck packs are meant to stop objects in the truck from penetrating the gas tank.

While reports indicated Ambroise’s Crown Victoria was a newer model, it was unknown if the system was installed in his patrol car. Investigations continue.

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