Wake County NC Injury News: Oak tree falls on home, crushes sleeping woman

Wake County NC Injury News: Oak tree falls on home, crushes sleeping woman


05/18/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Wake County, NC—A freak accident caused a woman to suffer fatal injuries in her sleep Sunday evening, May 16, 2010. A woman was killed and two others were injured after an oak tree fell on a Wake County residence, according to information provided by ABC11-WTVD.

Reports indicate 32-year-old Sabrina Allen was asleep in her cousin’s home when the tragic incident occurred. The home is located southeast of Raleigh, North Carolina on Rock Quarry Road.

Allen, as well as Wayne and Keyona Vick were in the house when the large tree toppled onto it just before 6 p.m. As a result, Allen was trapped beneath the massive tree.

Stephanie Smith, Allen’s sister, noted that her brother ran into the home in an attempt to save her. “He actually skinned up his knuckles trying to pull her, but he saw there was no way possible that he could move the tree,” Smith stated.

Though winds and stormy weather conditions were reported at the time, officials allegedly contended the tree was weak. Part of that tree apparently fell over on a previous date, leaving the rest of the tree in a frail state.

Wake County EMS district chief Jeffrey Hammerstein stated, “It was very catastrophic damage… We understand there were three people in the house at the time. Two of those people are okay and were transported to WakeMed with very minor injuries.”

Wayne and Keyona Vick were treated by doctors and nurses and subsequently released. Allen, who succumbed to her severe injuries at the scene, left behind her 6-year-old daughter Samari.

Authorities from the City/County Bureau of Investigation and Wake County Sheriff’s Office are expected to conduct a full probe into the deadly incident.

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