Product Safety Alert: Unknown fibers found in Tussin DM cough syrup

Product Safety Alert: Unknown fibers found in Tussin DM cough syrup


05/11/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Colorado Springs, CO—Tussin DM was temporarily pulled from Colorado AAFES store shelves after a concerned consumer found tiny fibers floating inside the over-the-counter medication. Ken Klay, the consumer who found the fibers said, “They’re about the size of a human hair and some of them look like plastic shavings,” as reported by KRDO and News Channel 13.

Ken Klay said he found the fibers in a bottle of Tussin DM he had bought at the Shoppette on Ft. Carson. Klay discovered the fibers over a week ago when he was sick. “When I went to drink that down, it was like hair water. My mouth was full of fibers and I spit it out,” stated Klay.

Upon his discovery, Klay gave News Channel 13 two bottles of cough syrup, one opened and the other sealed with the tamper-proof wrapping. In both of the bottles, you can see what looks like tiny fibers mixed in with the red cough syrup. Klay believes the shavings originated during the bottle manufacturing process and the bottle wasn’t properly cleaned out before it was filled.

On May 7, the over-the-counter medication was placed back on store shelves, after the maker of Tussin DM found nothing abnormal with the product.

Aaron Industries stated in a letter to Klay that, “We also examined our temperature records for Aaron Industries’ West Coast distribution center during the period in which the product was stored, from 12/03/2009 to 2/25/2010. All temperatures were maintained within the required ambient storage range of 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit.” The letter continued to state, “the unknown solids that you observed in the Tussin DM may be related to the product being exposed to usually low temperature during transportation or storage. However we conclude that the quality of the product was not compromised during the manufacturing and storage of this product while at Aaron Industries.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been contacted to investigate the unopened bottle of cough medicine.

The Tussin DM is sold at AAFES stores in Colorado Springs with an expiration date of November 2011 and lot number 43118.

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