Kansas City workplace injury: 2 Owens Corning workers sprayed with hot asphalt

05/13/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Kansas City, KS—An industrial accident at the Owens Corning plant hospitalized two workers who were sprayed with scalding asphalt. Rescue teams were alerted of the accident at 300 Sunshine Road at around 8:00 a.m., as reported by KMBC.

Authorities reported that two workers were injured when a piece of equipment malfunctioned, spraying asphalt that was between 350 and 450 degrees onto the workers. The workers were reportedly doing some maintenance on the asphalt tank when the accident occurred.

Dr. Richard Korentager, director of the burn unit at The University of Kansas Hospital stated “at that temperature it’s possible to sustained a burn through the full thickness of one’s skin within one-tenth of a second.” Korentager also stated that removing the hot tar can be a pain-staking process, by using “a Vaseline type of product, anti-biotic ointments, to get it off.”

Owens Corning has not released much information concerning the accident and about the two injured men. They did state the victims were first treated at the scene.

The names and conditions of the workers are currently being withheld.

Investigators with the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) were at the scene investigating the incident.

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