Correction: Semi-truck involved in fatal stolen SUV wreck not Aldi stores’

05/13/2010 // West Palm Beach , Florida, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Arlington, TX—In the article titled “Arlington TX 18-wheeler crash: Stolen SUV, semi crash kills teen on I-30” posted on May 12, 2010; it was incorrectly reported that the semi-truck involved in the wreck was hauling produce for Aldi stores. While a semi-truck hauling groceries for a grocery store chain was involved in the wreck, it did not belong to Aldi Stores. Tiara Richard, Arlington Police Department spokesperson, stated that they are unaware of who the tractor-trailer was hauling groceries for, but it was not Aldi stores.

Police officers reported that the semi-truck driver lost control of his big rig and subsequently slammed into the concrete highway median. The trailer of the semi then fell over on a stolen SUV driven by an unidentified 16-year-old.

The wreck resulted in the death of Marcos Ruiz, 17, a passenger of the SUV, who was airlifted by CareFlite helicopter to JPS, and pronounced dead at 3:49 p.m. Another passenger, Renee Escalante, 17, was taken to Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital in stable condition. The 16-year-old SUV driver fled the scene but was apprehended. He also sustained minor injuries.

The driver of the semi, Edwin Manning, was also taken to Arlington Memorial, where he was later reported to be in stable condition.

Officials say its unclear what caused the accident.

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