Virginia Beach VA business litigation: Adoption agency sued for alleged fraud

Virginia Beach VA business litigation: Adoption agency sued for alleged fraud


Legal News for Virginia Business Attorneys. A couple filed a lawsuit against Bethany Christian Services for misrepresenting their adoptive son’s health status.

News for Virginia business lawyers- A couple, alleging fraud, filed a federal lawsuit against the Bethany Christian Services adoption agency.

Virginia Beach, VA—A Virginia Beach couple, who are also the adoptive parents of a young Russian boy by the name of Roman, filed a federal lawsuit against the nation’s largest adoption service, Bethany Christian Services. While the lawsuit, which claims the agency misrepresented Roman’s actual health status upon arranging the adoption, was filed last year; the case remains pending, as reported by on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.

According to reports, Chip and Julie Harshaw traveled to Russian orphanage to meet Roman in December 2003. The couple arranged the adoption with Bethany Christian Services, reportedly making it very apparent that they wished to adopt a child who was healthy and expected to continue developing as such. Chip stated, “Our case worker had told us their doctor had gone over to see him physically examined and that he was healthy and on target.” Given an optimistic prognosis, the couple decided to adopt the young child.

Young Roman settled in with the family, apparently showing an immediate brotherly connection with Daniel, the couple’s son. However, as the years went by, Roman seemingly developed a tendency to be exceptionally irritable, throwing tantrums over the most minuscule of issues. Reports noted a hole was left in his bedroom wall from his repeated slamming of the door. He also allegedly used a pen cap to extract several of his own teeth. The young child could have potentially hurt his sister Grace as well, with one of his adoptive parents reporting, “Roman went over and grabbed a two-by-four on the side and came up behind her and she had her back to him and he was going to hit her with it to stop her from leaving.”

With regard to the child’s violent bouts, the Harshaw’s took Roman to several doctors before a specialist eventually diagnosed him with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, apparently prompting the couple to file suit against the adoption agency. When the couple notified the agency of their findings, “First they said, ‘Oops Dr. Dubrosky never saw Roman,’ then they said, “Would you consider dissolving the adoption?” Bethany Christian Services would not comment on the pending litigation.

While taking care of Roman is no walk in the park, the couple loves their child and has no plans of giving him up. However, they have expressed the fact that he will require a great deal of supervision for the rest of his life. The lawsuit is seeking damages to cover the costs of such supervision and care.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Virginia Business Lawyers.

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