Lake Buena Vista FL injury news: 1 hospitalized after Disney boat collision

Lake Buena Vista FL injury news: 1 hospitalized after Disney boat collision


Legal News for Florida Personal Injury Attorneys. A woman suffered severe injuries, including a possible spinal cord injury, in a boat collision at Walt Disney World.

News for Florida personal injury lawyers- A woman suffered traumatic injuries in a boat accident involving a ferry at Walt Disney World.

Lake Buena Vista, FL—An injurious boat collision occurred along a Walt Disney World waterway, severely injuring one person on Thursday, April 22, 2010. The Lake Buena Vista, Florida boating accident involved a small vessel and ferry boat, according to information provided by

Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigators collected information regarding the collision from the ferry’s captain, Will Green, and the driver of the two-seat watercraft, Michael Wormwald, as a means of attempting to find out what might have caused the accident. According to Green, the ferry was allegedly traveling southbound as the small boat traveled “recklessly” towards the commuter boat, consequently smashing into it. Upon doing so, the watercraft went under the ferry and “surfaced in front of it with the injured passenger”.

According to Michael Wormwald, whose wife Barbara suffered traumatic injuries in the boat collision, he seemingly assumed the ferry would allow them to pass by moving out of the way prior to the accident. However, when Wormwald noticed the ferry continued moving forward, he allegedly attempted to steer out of the ferry’s way but failed to do so in time. Wormwald contended his wife was struck and partially run over by the large ship, trapping her between the two for a moment.

Barbara Wormwald reportedly suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, as well as a possible spinal cord injury in the collision. Emergency medical services (EMS) transported the injured boat crash victim to Orlando Regional Medical Center to be treated for her serious injuries, though it was unclear how long she would remain hospitalized.

According to Dines World spokesperson Bryan Malenius, “We resumed operations after the collision, on the same day. All other comment must come from the Orange County Sherriff’s Office, which is conducting the investigation.” While no citations have been issued as of yet, Wormwald may allegedly face reckless boating charges in connection with the accident. Investigations continue.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Personal Injury Lawyers.

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