Thomasville NC injury news: Student airlifted after 30 ft. fall through roof

Thomasville NC injury news: Student airlifted after 30 ft. fall through roof


Legal News for North Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys. A student suffered injuries after falling through the school’s rooftop skylight and into a classroom.

North Carolina personal injury lawyer- A Thomasville, NC high school student suffered injuries, including lacerations and a broken arm, after a 30 foot fall.

Thomasville, NC—A 17-year-old high school student suffered injuries when he fell through a skylight on the rooftop of a school at approximately 2:10 p.m. Monday, April 26, 2010. The accident occurred at Thomasville High School and resulted in the hospitalization of an East Davidson High School student, according to information provided by

Thomasville Police authorities reported three students, all part of a masonry program, were given permission to use the roof of the vocational building at Thomasville High School, as a means of learning how to construct scaffolding, when the injurious incident occurred. One student, identified as 17-year-old Brian Shuler, unfortunately fell through a skylight on the roof, only coming to a rest in a classroom 30 feet below.

Upon doing so, Shuler nearly landed on top of sophomore student, Quindale Williams, who was in the middle of carpentry class when the accident occurred. Williams reportedly stated, “I was in there doing work and next thing you know, I felt glass falling down from the ceiling and he fell right behind me. He hit the poles at the top of the ceiling and he fell face first on the floor… Everything was bleeding, from his mouth, nose, ears—everything. Everybody just left the class. They told everybody to get out and everybody just ran out of the classroom.”

Shuler, who was conscious after the incident, was subsequently flown to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center via medical helicopter to be treated for a broken arm and several lacerations to his face and arm. The injured student was expected to recover.

It was not disclosed whether an adult was supervising the masonry students at the time.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers.

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