Portland OR bus crash: TriMet bus runs over 5 pedestrians, kills 2

Portland OR bus crash: TriMet bus runs over 5 pedestrians, kills 2


Legal news for Oregon bus accident attorneys. A TriMet bus hit five pedestrians, killing two.

Oregon bus accident attorneys alert- A TriMet bus crash left two pedestrians dead and three others injured.

Portland, OR—A TriMet bus struck a group of pedestrians who were crossing the road on Saturday, April 24, 2010, which left two of them dead. When police officers arrived at the scene, they found several people trapped underneath the bus at the intersection of Gilsan Street and Broadway Boulevard around midnight, as reported by KPTV.com.

According to police officials, a TriMet bus was making a turn form westbound Gilsan Street onto southbound Broadway Boulevard when the bus slammed into a group of pedestrians who were crossing Broadway at the time. The bus hit a total of five people. Responding paramedics extracted four people from underneath the passenger bus. Two people identified as Jenee Hammel, 26, and Danielle Sale, 22, were pronounced dead at the scene. Hammel’s brother Ryan, 28, and her sister-in-law, Jamie Hammel, 23, sustained minor injuries in the wreck. The fifth person, Robert Gittings, 22, sustained major injuries and was transported to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in serious condition.

Authorities say speed wasn’t a factor in the crash and the bus driver was cooperative with investigators. The TriMet bus driver, Sandi Day, 28, was uninjured in the crash. No arrests have been made nor have any citations have been issued at this time. A full investigation is underway.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Oregon bus accident lawyers.

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