San Diego CA crime alert: Cal Fire truck stolen from an accident scene

Legal news for California criminal attorneys. A man who was involved in a crash is suspected of taking a Cal Fire truck.

The California Highway Patrol alerts California criminal lawyers- A crash victim stole a fire department pickup truck from an accident scene in San Diego.

San Diego, CA– Police officials believe the man who stole a Cal Fire pickup truck, while the emergency worker was responding to an accident, was one of the drivers involved in the crash. Battalion chief Mark Ostrander was on his way to a meeting at the Cal Fire headquarters when he stopped to help the victims who were involved in a traffic accident; as he was assessing the scene someone else jumped in his truck and took off, as reported by NBC San Diego.

Ostrander was driving his Cal Fire pickup truck northbound on Jamacha near Hilton Road around 8:00 a.m., when he came up to an accident scene where two cars had collided and were blocking the road. Ostrander got out of his truck and began assessing who was hurt, when an unidentified man got in Ostrander’s truck and drove away with the emergency lights still engaged.

Ostrander stated, “I turned around and looked and my vehicle’s going down the road as it’s being stolen. A couple of people standing by thought he was with me and he was just moving my vehicle.”

The California Highway Patrol stated that witnesses reported the truck described as, number 3314, white with red stripes was last seen traveling northbound on Jamacha. The El Cajon police, the San Diego County sheriff’s helicopter and the CHP began to scour the town in search of the missing truck. The truck was later found abandoned at Jamacha and Hillsdale.

Ostrander believes the man who stole the truck was one of the drivers involved in the wreck because he was the only man missing from the scene of the accident.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for California criminal lawyers.