Salem OR medical neglect: Oregon State Hospital accused of inadequate treatment

Salem OR medical neglect: Oregon State Hospital accused of inadequate treatment


Legal news for Oregon medical malpractice attorneys. Oregon State Hospital potentially facing a lawsuit over inadequate treatment.

Oregon medical malpractice attorneys alert- Oregon State Hospital is facing a potential lawsuit for inadequate medical care in the psychiatric facility.

Salem, OR—A tort claim notice slams the Salem psychiatric facility with allegations that inadequate treatment led to the death of an Oregon State Hospital patient. The deceased patient’s mother filed the notice on April 13 with the state Department of Administrative Services, which intends to purse financial damages from the state, as reported by the Statesman Journal.

Dora Perez of Woodburn, the mother of the deceased Moises Perez, contends that her son “was not given adequate treatment for his mental or physical health conditions.” After a five-month investigation by the State Office of Investigations and Training, it was determined the hospital failed to provide Perez with adequate medical care. The investigation uncovered that Perez’s caregivers on Ward 50F did not properly treat his chronic medical conditions, neglected to prepare a meaningful treatment plan, failed to update his medical chart and failed to return calls from his family the weeks before his death. But the investigation was inconclusive if Perez was neglected on the day of his death.

The notice alleged, “As a result of this inadequate treatment, Moises Perez died. Additionally, on the day he died, he was neglected and his death was not discovered by staff for many hours.” In addition, Dora Perez contends that her son’s legal rights were violated by the hospital by not providing him with proper care. The claim further states, “As a consequence of that conduct, Moises and our family suffered injuries and losses, the extent to which have yet to be determined.” Dora plans to file a lawsuit as a result.

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