Noblesville IN 18-wheeler accident: Motorist killed in big rig vs. car crash

Legal News for Indiana 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys. An Alexandria man was fatally injured when his car collided with a tractor-trailer.

Indiana 18-wheeler accident lawyer alert- Hamilton County, Indiana motor vehicle collision with semi-truck and car resulted in one fatality.

Noblesville, IN—A motor vehicle collision (MVC) involving an 18-wheeler and a car resulted in one fatality on Monday, April 19, 2010. The semi-truck vs. car crash occurred northeast of Noblesville in Hamilton County, Indiana, according to information provided by

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department authorities were dispatched to the scene of a two-vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler and a car at approximately 5 p.m. Deputy Vicky Dunbar stated, “The vehicle veered right and then back to the left, at which point the vehicle started to spin and crossed the center line and into the path of an oncoming semi.” The impact of the crash sent both the car and the tractor-trailer careening into a bank of trees. The car was subsequently trapped between the tractor-trailer and trees.

Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel seemingly responded to the scene of the wreck, located in the 24000 block of State Road 37 (SR 37), although within a short amount of time, the driver of the car involved unfortunately succumbed to his severe injuries. Police identified the fatally injured victim as 36-year-old Alexandria resident, Eric Caldwell. While it was not stated whether the driver of the semi-truck required medical attention or transport, reports indicated he/she did not suffer any serious injuries.

A full investigation into the fatal car-semi collision is expected to be underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Indiana 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers.