Muncie IN DUI injury news: Drunken man arrested after smashing car into tree

Muncie IN DUI injury news: Drunken man arrested after smashing car into tree


Legal News for Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys. A Muncie man faces DUI-related charges after he drove his vehicle into a tree, injuring himself and two children.

Indiana personal injury lawyer alert- An intoxicated driver was arrested on DUI charges after a crash left him and his two juvenile passengers with injuries.

Muncie, IN—An intoxicated motorist reportedly crashed into a tree after picking his fiancée’s two children up from day care on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. The single-vehicle wreck, which occurred in Muncie, Indiana, left the driver and the two youngsters with serious injuries. Child Protective Services (CPS) authorities were reportedly notified of the incident, according to information provided by

Reports stated 37-year-old Bradley Jay Frederick was driving his vehicle east on White River Boulevard when the car veered off the roadway for unknown reasons. Upon doing so, the vehicle violently rammed into a tree. Although Frederick and the two kids were wearing seatbelts when the 5:30 p.m. motor vehicle accident occurred, all of the vehicle’s occupants suffered injuries.

Emergency medical services (EMS) crews seemingly responded to the scene of the car vs. tree wreck to transport those injured to area hospitals for treatment. The three injured victims, including a 2-year-old and 5-year-old, were taken to Ball Memorial Hospital for treatment. The 5-year-old reportedly suffered internal injuries and was subsequently transferred to Riley Hospital for Children via medical helicopter. That child allegedly underwent surgery and was listed in stable condition after the procedure.

When Muncie Police Department deputies questioned Frederick with regard to the injurious car wreck, he reportedly contended his vision was hindered after he suffered a coughing spasm of sorts. However, a portable Breathalyzer seemed to indicate otherwise. The breath test revealed Frederick’s blood alcohol content to be .09 percent, while a blood toxicology test listed his BAC at .11 percent. Police arrested Frederick and took him to Delaware County jail. He reportedly faces charges of “driving while intoxicated resulting in injury and neglect of a dependant”.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers.

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