Kansas City KS injury: Man bites into razor blade at Olathe Sonic Drive-In

Legal news for Kansas personal injury lawyers. Razor blade found in Sonic Chicken Wrap, victim considering hiring a lawyer.

Arkansas personal injury lawyers alert- A razor blade was found inside a Sonic Drive-In Chicken Wrap.

Kansas City, KS— A Sonic patron got quite the surprise when he bit down into his Sonic Chicken Wrap, which prompted him to look into hiring a lawyer. The metro customer says he pulled out a razor blade that was lying between the chicken breast, fresh lettuce and ranch dressing, as reported by WDAF.

Robert Borushko reportedly pulled out the unwanted ingredient, which came from a tomato dicer blade, after ordering the Chicken Wrap at the Sonic Drive-In at 119th Street in Olathe. Borushko claims he took a bite and bit down on something hard before pulling the razor blade out of his mouth.

Borushko stated, “I though I broke a tooth at first because when I bit down, it was hard. Its about one inch, I put it up against a ruler. If I swallowed it or gave it to one of nieces or nephews and a little kid got that razor blade and didn’t know to quit chewing, the damage could have been done to them.”

Sonic’s corporate office reported to Fox 4 that, “A very small piece of a blade of a tomato dicer broke off, and that they have apologized to the customer and offered Borushko $200 for the inconvenience.”

Borushko says he filed a report with the Olathe Police Department, but an investigation turned up no evidence of criminal misconduct.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Kansas personal injury lawyers.