Galveston TX injury: Carnival Cruise Line ship Ecstasy leaves 60 injured

Legal news for personal injury attorneys. Sixty people are injured after a Carnival Cruise ship makes sharp turn to miss buoy.

Personal injury attorneys alert- Sixty passengers were injured on Carnival Cruises Line ship, Ecstasy.

Galveston, TX—Passengers of Carnival Cruise Lines’ ship Ecstasy got quite the ride when the boat had to make a sharp turn, throwing passengers around the boat. At least 60 people were injured when the ship turned to miss a large partially submerge buoy that was adrift near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

The Ecstasy, a Galveston-based ship, was heading back to its home port in Galveston, when it rocked to its port side in last ditch effort to miss a large buoy that was not picked up by the ship’s radar.

A passenger on the boat, Patrice Edwards reported, “We go to sleep, the next thing we known [my husband] rolled and hit the floor, I rolled and hit the floor—the whole boat is going to the side. Everyone had their life rafts and that’s when they were running with people on stretchers.”

A total of 60 people sustained injuries that were not considered to be serious. No one reportedly needed an ambulance or hospitalization. The ship sustained minor damage that was mostly limited to merchandise and unsecured objects that where thrown when the ship rolled.

The United States Coast Guard has been alerted. The ship is expected to arrive at port in Galveston on Thursday, April 22, 2010.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for personal injury lawyers.