Manhattan divorce lawyer news- Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott dispel divorce rumors


Hollywood, CA (Manhattan divorce attorney news)—With cameras constantly rolling, the taping of a reality TV show, which captures every moment of your life, can certainly put strain on any marriage. Heated arguments and fights happened to be one of the moments caught on film while taping the fifth season of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.” The fights have recently been circulating through Celebrity tabloids, creating a buzz around Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s so called “crumbling” marriage, as reported by MSNBC.

Manhattan, New York divorce mediator, YS Mediation (Manhattan divorce attorney)reports although the couple has denied divorce rumors, claiming they are “committed to each other;” they could be secretly hashing out a divorce settlement behind closed doors through a mediation.

Tori, the former “Beverly 90210” star and daughter of late TV mogul Aaron Spelling, met Dean in 2005 while filming the movie “Mind over Murder.” But despite being married at the time to their respected spouses, they fell madly in love with one another. After each of their divorces was finalized, they tied the knot to celebrate their love.  While still in wedding bliss, the newly married couple began filming a series of realty television shows titled “Tori & Dean: Inn Love” and “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” where they laid everything out on the table for cameras to capture. Even both of their children’s births, Liam, 3, and daughter Stella, 22 months, were filmed for the world to see.

While filming the fifth season of their TV reality series, the couple is seen having heated arguments and appears to be reaching the end of their ropes with one another. In one clip, Spelling says to Dean, “It’s like you got more and more unhappy and angry. I just want the old Dean back. I really do. I miss you so much.” But Tori refutes the claims that they are headed for divorce, stating, “We’re committed to each other, we’re committed to this family. But you know, we work on things just like everyone else.”

Although the reality TV couple denies the claims that they are headed to divorce court, they could be seeking divorce meditation behind closed doors. Divorce meditation, like YS Mediation in New York, can help an unhappy couple bring a peaceful end to a tumultuous relationship. By choosing the mediation path, a couple can come to a settlement behind closed doors without the details leaking to the media; thus protecting their family, kids, and relationships. Only upon reaching an agreeable division of assets and a final draft of the divorce paperwork, will the couple file in court and the media storm begins. This avenue to divorce allows the couple to make those hard decisions without the immense pressure of publicity. If you are seeking a peaceful end to an unhappy marriage for the sake of yourselves, your children, and valuable relationships, contacting  divorce mediators like YS Mediation of New York can help you reach a happy end to your demised marriage. If you or someone you know is separating or divorcing contact YS Mediation for a private and confidential consultation.

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