Wisconsin motorcycle accidents: Wisconsin hit with deadly Saturday crashes

Wisconsin motorcycle accidents: Wisconsin hit with deadly Saturday crashes


Legal News for Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Attorneys. A series of weekend motor vehicle crashes resulted in three deaths and left several others injured throughout Wisconsin.

News for Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers- Four motorcycle crashes, one of which involved an 18-wheeler, resulted in injuries and fatalities.

Madison, WI—Saturday, April 17, 2010 seemed to be an ill-fated day for many Wisconsin motorcyclists, with a total of three fatal motorcycle crashes occurring in different parts of the state. The fatal motorcycle-related motor vehicle collisions (MVC) occurred in Pierce, Dunn and Lafayette counties, while an injurious two-motorcycle collision was also reported in Dane County, according to information provided by TwinCities.com.

In one collision, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department officials reported a vehicle, driven by 31-year-old Amy Raymo, struck a motorcycle at the junction of Wisconsin 35 and County Road E. On impact, both the 48-year-old motorcyclist William Sobania and a passenger, identified as 50-year-old Lori Sobania, were ejected. Emergency personnel took Lori Sobania to Regions Hospital where she unfortunately succumbed to her serious motorcycle accident-induced injuries. William Sobania suffered undisclosed injuries and was flown to Regions Hospital via medical helicopter. Amy Raymo and a passenger in her car, 55-year-old Sandra Raymo, were taken to River Falls Area Hospital for treatment.

Dunn County Sheriff’s officials reported another motorcycle-involved collision in Rock Creek Township. An unidentified motorcyclist had reportedly purchased the motorcycle less than two days prior to the deadly accident, in which the motorcycle slammed into the side of an 18-wheeler, causing him to suffer severe injuries which proved fatal at the scene. Strong winds apparently might have been a factor in the motorcycle vs. 18-wheeler wreck.

Another fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Lafayette County, in which 40-year-old motorcyclist Wayne Gollmer lost control of his bike, consequently striking a fence upon doing so. Gollmer, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, was killed in the motorcycle crash.

In the injurious Dane County motorcycle crash, one rider reportedly had to undergo surgery after his/her motorcycle collided with another motorcycle, seemingly causing at least one victim to suffer severe injuries.

It was not stated whether citations were issued with regard to any of the motorcycle-involved motor vehicle crashes. Accident investigations continue.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan – Legal news for Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers.

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