Los Angeles CA dog bite injury: 3 dogs terrorize south LA, 3 people attacked

Legal news for California personal injury attorneys. Three dogs attacked three people, sending at least two the hospital.

California personal injury attorneys alert- Three dogs attacked residents in the Hyde Park area of South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA—Three dogs that were terrorizing a South Los Angeles neighborhood have been apprehended after attacking at least three people on Friday, April 16, 2010. Cops fatally shot one of the dogs that was attacking people in the 4000 block of Slauson Avenue and on nearby west 58th Place in the Hyde Park area, beginning around 1:00 a.m., as reported by KTLA.

The Los Angeles police officers reported the three aggressive dogs were described as bullmastiffs, a cross breed between a bulldog and a mastiff, which were originally bred as guard dogs on game preserves and hunting estates to catch and track poachers. The dogs reportedly bit a female pedestrian and then bit a good samaritan who tried to help the injured woman. Other nearby residents who heard the screams for help jumped into their cars, and honked their horns in hopes of scaring away the dogs. A witness reported seeing the dogs attack three people. Although officials would not confirm any details, it is believed the woman and the person who helped her were taken to an area hospital for treatment of their wounds.

One of the dogs was fatally shot by a police official after it became aggressive. A second dog was caught and put into a police car, while animal control officials caught the third. The dogs are currently being held at a shelter.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for California personal injury lawyers.