Lombard IL 18-wheeler accident: Pedestrian pinned under van after collision

Legal News for Illinois 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys. A Lombard, Illinois motor vehicle accident involving a semi, van, and two pedestrians sent three to area hospitals.

Illinois 18-wheeler accident lawyer alert- At least three people, including two pedestrians, were injured after a motor vehicle collision involving van and semi-truck occurred.

Lombard, IL—A motor vehicle collision (MVC) involving an 18-wheeler and minivan caused the minivan to veer onto the sidewalk and strike two pedestrians. The horrifying pedestrian-involved traffic accident occurred in Lombard, Illinois at the junction of Roosevelt Road and Main Street at approximately 8:15 p.m. Monday, April 19, 2010, according to information provided by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Reports stated an eastbound Jewel tractor-trailer was traveling on Roosevelt Road, while a northbound minivan was traveling on Main Street. Though details as to how the two-vehicle crash occurred were scarce, the 18-wheeler and minivan collided at the intersection, consequently sending the van careening into a couple that was walking on the sidewalk. The van seemingly rolled onto its passenger side, trapping a man’s legs underneath.

Several helpful bystanders and witnesses were on at the scene and managed to lift the minivan off the victim’s legs enough for him to escape. According to Lombard Fire Battalion Chief Ron Rakosnik, “The man suffered pretty extensive trauma to his leg for sure.” Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel transported the unidentified pedestrians, which included the man who was pinned under the van and another woman, to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital to be treated for their serious injuries.

The driver of the minivan was also taken to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. Lombard Police Department deputies were reportedly questioning that motorist, whose identity was not released, with regard to the injurious pedestrian-involved motor vehicle accident.

It was not stated whether the driver of the semi-truck suffered any injuries or if any controlled substances played a role in the traffic collision. Lombard police are conducting a full probe into the accident.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Illinois 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers.