Houston TX firefighter injury: HFD fire truck slams into Hwy 290 overpass

Legal news for Texas workplace accident attorneys. A fire truck crashed into an overpass while responding to another accident, injuring three firefighters.

Texas workplace accident attorneys alert- A Houston Fire Department Station 13 fire truck crashed into an overpass support, leaving three injured.

Houston, TX—A Houston Fire Department (HFD) fire truck slid under an overpass, striking a freeway support, crushing the front windshield of the truck all while responding to an accident. The Station 13 fire truck wrecked along the service road for Highway 290 near TC Jester around 10:00 a.m., on Monday, April 19, 2010, as reported by ABC13.

The fire truck was reportedly en route to an accident on Highway 290, involving a school bus and a car, when the fire truck became involved in an accident of its own. According to Josh Smith, a witness to the crash, “I heard the sirens so I stopped. I saw the truck coming through the grass and onto the feeder from the highway. The driver seemed to be taking control pretty well, and then all of a sudden he hit the structure holding up the bridge and spun the truck around.” Smith continued, “The firefighters in the rear of the cabin busted through the window with a fire ax to come to the aid of the passenger, who seemed to be the only one injured. He went down to his knees and he was moving around, doing fine. The rest of the firefighters inside the truck helped him until the ambulance got there.”

Three firefighters were transported to a hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. The victims names and conditions are currently being withheld. The department is reportedly conducting a full investigation.

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