Correction—Saginaw Texas personal injury: cheerleaders urinated in soda

Legal News for Texas Personal Injury Attorneys. Two Saginaw High School cheerleaders were suspended for a spiking a cup of soda with urine.

Texas personal injury lawyer alert- Two Saginaw High School Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were suspended for their tainted soda “prank”.

Saginaw, TX—In a story tiled “Saginaw Michigan personal injury: cheerleaders suspended for urinating in soda”, posted April 12, 2010, two cheerleaders were punished with in-school suspension after spiking their fellow teammates soda with urine. In that specific publication, Justice News Flash incorrectly reported that the incident occurred in Saginaw, Michigan. The correct city and state where the incident occurred was Saginaw, Texas.

Two Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were disciplined with in-school suspension after one of the teens reportedly urinated in a cup of soda and then went on to deceitfully trick two members of the cheerleading squad into drinking the tainted beverage. The unruly incident occurred at a Saginaw High School basketball game last season but was only recently brought to public light, according to information provided by CBS 11.

The cheerleader who was responsible for the act was not kicked off the cheerleading team. According to another Saginaw student, Sage Sadler, “It should be stiffer than that… How are they going to let them back on the squad after they do that to their own teammates?” Eagle Mountain Saginaw School District officials allegedly maintained their belief that the girls’ punishment was suitable with regard to their misconduct. No police report has been filed in connection with the tainted-soda incident as of yet.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Texas Personal Injury Lawyers.