Carmel Indiana auto accident: police chase led to fiery crash, 2 teens killed

Carmel Indiana auto accident: police chase led to fiery crash, 2 teens killed


Legal News for Indiana Auto Accident Attorneys. A vehicle crashed and burst into flames after a teen driver attempted to flee police deputies.

News for Indiana auto accident attorneys- Hamilton County Crash caused fire, fatal injuries.

Carmel, IN—A police chase in Hamilton County, Indiana ended in a deadly single-vehicle crash on Friday night, April 9, 2010. The fiery motor vehicle accident occurred on River Road, in close proximity to Prairie Trace Elementary School and left two young teenagers fatally injured, according to information provided by the Examiner.

At approximately 11 p.m. Friday, police deputies reportedly noticed a speeding vehicle traveling north along River Road and subsequently attempted to pull the car over near 126th street. The driver of the vehicle, a 15-year-old male, sped away in an attempt to lose the police authorities. The vehicle accelerated past Prairie Trace Elementary School and began to round a curve in the street when the unidentified motorist lost control of the car. The vehicle consequently overturned, struck a telephone pole and violently caught ablaze.

The teen driver managed to get out of the vehicle, though his two 15-year-old passengers remained trapped inside the burning vehicle. The motorist notified the police officers that his friends were still inside the vehicle though they were sadly unable to help them due to the severity of the fire. The two passengers who were riding in the vehicle when it became involved in the tragic wreck were identified as Jordan Poirier and Jordan Moss. The two Carmel High School students apparently succumbed to their severe injuries at the scene. The extent of the driver’s injuries was not immediately known. A full investigation is expected to be underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Indiana Auto Accident Lawyers.

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