Colorado injury news: 30 students Tasered at Lake County career fair

Colorado injury news: 30 students Tasered at Lake County career fair


Legal news for Colorado personal injury attorneys. Thirty students were shocked by a police officer while at a high school career fair.

Colorado personal injury attorneys alerts- A Lake County Sheriff’s officer tased students at a school career fair.

Leadville, CO—A group of students got quite the hands-on experience when a Lake County deputy tasered 30 students, all because they wanted to know what it felt like. The officer’s actions have put him on unpaid administrative leave on Thursday, April 8, 2010, as reported by NBC-affiliate 9News.

The incident took place at the Lake County High School career fair on Thursday morning. Several students reportedly went up to the officer and allegedly “begged” to be shocked to know what it felt like. The deputy obliged but had the students sign a wavier he drafted while at their fair. Two students sustained minor burns and were transported to a local hospital to be evaluated. They were reportedly treated and released. According to one student, another female student was shocked seven times at her request. The school was allegedly not aware that students were being tased.

Lake County Sheriff officials stated they do not believe the waiver was an official document, though it has not yet been turned over for investigation. The case has been sent to the Lake County District Attorney’s, who will decide if the officer will face any charges.

A letter was sent out and phone calls were made to parents alerting them about the incident and to check their kids for any marks.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Colorado personal injury lawyers.

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