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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James in splitsville leaving the media wondering divorce mediation or divorce lawyer.

New York, NY(news)–The news media continues to circle the divorce question around the names of Hollywood mega star Sandra Bullock and her motorcycle riding husband Jesse James. According to recent news reports, the Oscar winning actress has moved out of her home and is not shopping for a divorce lawyer. When the unexpected event of a cheating husband or wife surfaces the biggest question the naive partner faces is, “should I stay or should I go?”

Many questions begin to ring through the faithful spouses ears when they discover their partner is cheating. Private matters like cheating with porn stars, frequenting strip clubs, and even sex addiction bring horror and embarrassment to the unknowing partner. Contacting a divorce lawyer who specializes in divorce mediation helps both partners end the marriage and maintain their dignity in the community.

When choosing divorce mediation instead of hiring the typical sparring divorce attorneys couples maintain their private affairs in a confidential setting. Divorce mediation offers privacy, huge economic savings, and allows the divorcing couple to maintain control of their information and affairs. 1-888-616-0445.

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