Naples Florida accident: 2 injured in crash

Legal News for Florida Truck Accident Attorneys. A pickup truck t-boned a car that was in the midst of being pulled over for speeding through a 20 mph school zone.

Florida truck accident lawyer alerts- A motor vehicle collision involving a pickup truck occurred in a school zone and injured two drivers.

Naples, FL—A two-vehicle collision occurred as a sheriff’s deputy attempted to pull over a speeding motorist in Collier County, Florida Thursday morning, April 8, 2010. The pickup-truck involved accident occurred in a school zone, according to information provided by

Reports stated Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies were stationed along Airport-Pulling Road, in close proximity to Poinciana Elementary School, when a four-door Honda vehicle sped by the police officers. The sheriff’s radar indicated the driver had been traveling 40 mph in the 20 mph school zone.

The Collier County sheriff’s deputies subsequently activated their lights in an attempt to pull the motorist, identified as 61-year-old Patricia Henriott Houdek, over in the left lane of the roadway. Although Houdek began to slow down in the left lane, she mistakenly went on to make a U-turn. Upon doing so, her vehicle was unfortunately t-boned by a Dodge pickup truck.

Collier County emergency medical services (EMS) crews responded to the scene along with North and East Naples fire rescue personnel and Collier County sheriff’s officials. Houdek and the unidentified pickup truck driver were both hurt in the motor vehicle collision (MVC) and taken to area hospitals to be treated by doctors and nurses. The motorists’ injuries were deemed to be minor.

According to Collier County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson noted, “After speaking with her, she said she was confused about what she thought the deputy wanted her to do.” Houdek was not cited in the accident.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Truck Accident Lawyers.