RTD bus driver faces 13 charges related to fatal Denver wreck

Legal news for Colorado bus accident attorneys. The RTD bus driver who caused a three-vehicle wreck has been charged with 13 misdemeanors.

The RTD bus driver, Tideneykiyalesha Hawari, charged with 13 misdemeanors following crash.

Denver, CO—A Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus driver is facing 13 misdemeanor charges related to a fatal three-vehicle crash caused by the public transportation bus. The Saturday, April 3, 2010 wreck killed two people and injured 15 others after the bus ran a red traffic light, as reported by the Denver Post and Justice News Flash.

The RTD bus driver, 30-year-old Tideneykiyalesha Hawari, ran a red light at the intersection of Lincoln and East Eighth Avenue and slammed into VW Rabbit, which then hit a 1996 Ford pick-up truck, who was then hit by the bus. The collision killed two people and injured 15 people as a result.

Hawari was charged with 11 counts of careless driving that resulted in serious bodily injury and two counts of careless driving which resulted in a death. The charges are all considered Class 1 traffic misdemeanors, meaning she wont be arrested. Each of the counts carry a penalty of 10 days to one year in a county jail, including a fine of $300 to $1,000, if the driver is convicted.

Hawari apparently has worked for Veolia Transportation, who is contracted to RTD, since July 2008. She has never been charged with any previous criminal offenses.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Colorado bus accident lawyers.