Bethel, Ohio child took parent’s van to get gas, crashed

Legal News for Ohio Auto Accident Attorneys. An 8-year-old wanted to put fuel in his parents minivan but crashed before he could do so.

Ohio auto accident attorney alerts- A child escaped injury in a van crash that occurred on his way to get gas for his parent’s vehicle.

Bethel, OH—A young boy was lucky enough to escape injury when he crashed his parents’ vehicle after quietly managing to take the minivan for a joy ride Friday morning, April 2, 2010. The van became involved in the minor single-vehicle accident, nearly striking a telephone pole, approximately 100 yards away from the 8-year-old’s home in Bethel, Ohio, according to information provided by

Reports stated the child, identified as Jordan Winters, explained he wanted to put gas in his parents’ 2003 Dodge Caravan, when he noticed them asleep in their Bethel home at around 9 a.m. He took his mother’s purse and keys and hopped into the minivan, subsequently backing out of their driveway and onto Ohio State Route 133, where he began his excursion to the gas station. According to Winters, he never traveled any faster than 10 mph and was driving at around 5 mph when he became involved in the single-vehicle accident. “I kept on headed toward the ditch, so I had to turn and then I crashed. I almost crashed into the telephone pole”, said Winters.

Thankfully, the young motorist did not suffer any injuries in the crash. His parents were reportedly unaware of his absence until police officers responded to their home after the episode. James Crouch, Winters’ father, noted that this was the first time the young boy had ever taken their vehicle, let alone done anything of the nature. According to crouch, “He wanted to get gas in the van for us, be nice… He was still in his jammies.” Since it was the 8-year-old’s first moving violation, police did not cite him with regard to the van crash. However, he was inevitably taught that there would be no more driving ventures taking place until he turns 16.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Ohio Auto Accident Lawyers.