Mississippi families file wrongful death suit against Yamaha for fatal ATV crash

Legal News for Mississippi Wrongful Death Attorneys. Yamaha faces pending wrongful death litigation with regard to a deadly ATV rollover accident.

Mississippi wrongful death attorney alerts- ATV rollover accident prompts wrongful death lawsuit.

DeSoto County, MS—A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in connection with a fatal ATV accident that killed two young girls in 2008. The families of the two fatally injured victims filed the wrongful death suit against the manufacturer of the all-terrain vehicle on Wednesday March 31, 2010, according to information provided by the Commercial Appeal.

Reports stated two 11-year-old girls, identified as Lauren Dilworth and Emily Bates, were riding on a Yamaha Rhino ATV on October 18, 2008 when it apparently veered off the roadway in the Southern Trails subdivision off Mississippi Highway 305, causing it to overturn. Lewisburg Middle School sixth grader Lauren allegedly suffered severe injuries, which proved fatal at the scene. South Haven Middle School sixth grader Emily, who became pinned under the ATV in the accident, was also badly injured and required medical transport to Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto. She eventually succumbed to the serious head injuries she suffered in the tragic incident as well.

According to the wrongful death attorney representing the two families in the lawsuit, which names Yamaha Motor Corp. and Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corp. as defendants, “The lawsuit charges that the Yamaha Rhino is dangerously unstable and contains multiple design and engineering flaws increasing the likelihood of fatal injuries to occupants in the event of an accident.” The case is underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Mississippi Wrongful Death Lawyers.