Gross Pointe Michigan aviation accident news: pilot killed in local plane crash

Gross Pointe Michigan aviation accident news: pilot killed in local plane crash


Legal News for Michigan Aviation Accident Attorneys. An elderly pilot was killed in a small plane crash along the St. Clair River in Clay Twp., Michigan.

Michigan aviation accident attorney alerts- NTSB to investigate fatal plane crash.

St. Clair County, MI—A single-engine amphibious light sport aircraft was involved in a fatal aviation accident in Clay Township, Michigan. The plane crashed into a dock on the St. Clair River on Thursday afternoon, April 1, 2010, according to information provided by

Authorities from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and eyewitnesses reportedly contended the 2007 Mermaid aircraft “was flying south over the North Channel when it banked sharply to the west. The plane was northbound when it hit the dock at a 45-degree angle, coming to a rest with its nose in the water and the tail bent over the cockpit”. The plane went down at around 1 p.m., subsequently hitting the dock, located at 4965 Point Tremble Road.

The dock’s owner, 53-year-old Ronald Mikolajczyk, discovered the airplane crash and the unresponsive 80-year-old man who had been piloting the small aircraft. Jim Rauh, 80, identified the pilot as Mike Carry of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, a longtime friend of his. Rauh stated Carry had been flying airplanes for approximately five decades and was healthy, adding that pilot error was not a likely cause in this particular aviation accident. Carry was the only person aboard the aircraft at the time.

While officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) were allegedly on the scene for several hours after the deadly plane accident occurred, a full probe will be conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

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