Forget what you heard about YouTube lawyer marketing and read this – Part 2

Forget what you heard about YouTube lawyer marketing and read this – Part 2




Do not underestimate the power of attorney YouTube marketing. As in most television ads, a consumer learns to associate a brand with an image; the same goes for YouTube videos. If a web searcher is able to readily identify the face, voice and video association of an attorney, they are more likely to remember and choose that attorney or law firm for their immediate or future legal needs. 

Social media sites and video sharing sites like YouTube have become one of the most powerful ways introduce a solo attorney practice or law firm by way of a personalized profile, and gives lawyers the ability to spread the word about their practice using the most innovative of technology resources. 

Recently, YouTube has surpassed even Google as the main search engine for some searches and lawyers would be remiss if they allowed this authoritative website to pass through their marketing sites. YouTube helps lawyers connect not only on a local scale, but on a global scale as well. 

For lawyers who still feel that lawyer YouTube video marketing is not for them, they are still not aware of how social media can help them build their brand. Isn’t it time your legal practice took advantage of this vast misunderstanding and used lawyer YouTube video marketing as a way to stand apart from the seas of law firms, and rise to the top in the competition?

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