Red-light running RTD bus kills 2 injures 15 in Denver, CO

Legal news for Colorado bus accident attorneys. A three-vehicle collision in Denver killed two people and injured 12 others.

A crash between a Regional Transportation District bus, a VW Rabbit and a truck in Denver, CO was caused by a red-light runner.

Denver, CO—A violent and preventable collision in Denver resulted in the death of two people who were hit by a red-light running Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus. The fatal and injurious collision occurred around 4:50 p.m., on Saturday, April 3, 2010 at the intersection of Lincoln and East Eighth Avenue, as reported by the Denver Post.

Investigators are currently determining if the diver of the RTD bus will faces charges following the fatal wreck that also injured 12 other people. Police officials reported the bus was traveling north on Lincoln when it ran the red traffic light at East Eighth Avenue. Consequently the bus slammed into a VW Rabbit, which catapulted it into a 1996 Ford pick-up truck. As the VW continued after the collision, the bus subsequently slammed into the truck as well; sending it westbound across Lincoln and pinned it against a steel pole.

The three-vehicle wreck killed two people inside the VW identified as the driver, Daniel S. Peletier, and the passenger, Carla Miranda, both 29, of Denver. The bus driver and 10 other passengers on the bus were also injured as a result. The driver of the pickup was injured and is currently in serious condition. It was not reported what hospital the victims were transported to. The nature of the victim’s injuries were not disclosed.

The driver of the bus reportedly was contracted through Veolia Transportation. The transportation company is reportedly cooperating with investigators to determine what exactly happened. The investigation is underway.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Colorado bus accident lawyers.