Virginia dog bite injury – Child lost ear in Poquoson dog attack

Virginia dog bite injury – Child lost ear in Poquoson dog attack


Legal News for Virginia Dog Bite Injury Attorneys. A dog bit off a 3-year-old boy’s ear while he was playing in a neighbor’s back yard.

Virginia dog bite injury lawyer alerts- Golden retriever attacked child in Poquoson, Virginia.

Poquoson, VA—A toddler was violently attacked by a dog Wednesday afternoon, March 31, 2010. The 3-year-old child lost his ear in the Poquoson, Virginia dog-bite incident, according to information provided by

Authorities from the Poquoson Police Department were allegedly dispatched to Shady Oaks Trailer Park after receiving notification of a dog attack. Joan Elder, the victim’s grandmother, allegedly reported her grandson, Christian Elder, was in their neighbor’s yard when the incident occurred. The toddler, who is apparently nicknamed “Chewy”, was playing with other children and was under the supervision of a few adults, including his father, when a dog attacked him.

According to Elder, “All of a sudden my grandson started screaming and yelling and my son looked up and the dog had come over the thing and attacked him and took his ear, bit him on his arm, his shoulder, and bit his ear off. I mean, all this, all this is gone… He wasn’t even outside 10 minutes and my son came across the street screaming and crying and yelling mama, mama help me, a dog had bitten my grandson’s ear off.”

While police deputies were not certain which dog attacked the young boy, Elder stated it was the neighbor’s golden retriever. The child is luckily recovering from the incident. A full probe into the dog-bite incident is expected to be underway as a means of figuring out who is liable in the incident.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Virginia Dog Bite Injury Lawyers.

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