FDA product alert: Zatarain’s Original Dirty Rice Mix recalled for allergy risk

Legal News for Product Liability Attorneys. Health hazards associated with undeclared wheat and barley prompted the recall of Zatarain’s Original Dirty Rice Mix.

Product liability lawyer alert- The FDA announced the product recall of Zatarain rice mix due to the potential for an allergic reaction.

Gretna, LA—Zatarain, in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) http://www.fda.gov, has voluntarily recalled 8 oz. packages of Zatarain’s Original Dirty Rice Mix due to undeclared wheat and barley ingredients. The product safety recall was announced as a means of protecting consumers who are allergic to wheat or barley from a potentially dangerous reaction to the ingredients.

The recall was prompted by the discovery that Zatarain’s Original Dirty Rice mixes were falsely packaged. The mispackaged mixes had an ingredient list in which wheat and barley were not listed as constituents, subsequently posing a potential health hazard to consumers with allergies. Although no illnesses have been reported in connection with the recalled rice mixes, “People who have allergies to wheat or barley run the risk of serious or life threatening allergic reactions if they consume this product”, according to the FDA news release.

Since February 5, 2010, the recalled 8 oz. boxes of Zatarain’s Original Dirty Rice Mix were distributed to certain grocery stores in Florida, Michigan and Virginia. The rice mixes affected by the recall contain the UPC Code 7142909535 and a “BEST BY” date of JAN1912H. No other products were included in the product recall.

Grocery stores carrying Zatarain’s Original Dirty Rice Mix were informed of the recall and instructed to take the recalled product off store shelves immediately. Consumers who purchased the recalled rice mixes may contact Zatarain’s Consumer Affairs at 1-877-837-3796 Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, to receive a full reimbursement of replacement product.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Product Liability Lawyers.