OH 18-Wheeler accident – 3 Marine recruits killed in multi-vehicle crash

OH 18-Wheeler accident – 3 Marine recruits killed in multi-vehicle crash


Legal News for Ohio 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys. Three Marine recruits suffered fatal injuries in a crash involving a semi-truck and at least six other vehicles.

Ohio 18-wheeler accident lawyer alerts- Three U.S. Marine Corps recruits suffered fatal injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Trumbull County, OH—A multi-vehicle crash, which involved an 18-wheeler and at least six other vehicles, resulted in the death of three U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) recruits on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. The tragic motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred in Warren Township, Ohio at approximately 3:45 p.m., according to information provided by WYTV.com.

Authorities from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) reported a Pontiac G6, driven by Sgt. Charles Keene, stopped at a red traffic light at the junction of State Route 5 and Burnett Road just prior to the accident. The light apparently turned green but before Keene could make his way through the intersection, a semi-truck violently rear-ended his vehicle, consequently sending the Pontiac careening into the intersection where it was struck by several other vehicles.

When witness Philip Franklin saw the rig-involved motor vehicle accident, he and other motorists at the scene allegedly proceeded to exit their vehicles to help those injured pending the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS) crews. According to Franklin, “The first Marine we got out of the back seat was bleeding profusely from everywhere… We tried to give him CPR and stop the bleeding, and he was the first one life-flighted, and there was another one that was trapped in the back of the car. He didn’t make it.”

One Marine was sadly pronounced dead at the scene while medical helicopters airlifted two others to Forum Health Trumbull Memorial Hospital and Saint Elizabeth Health Center, where they eventually succumbed to their injuries. Several others, whose vehicles also became involved in the collision, received medical attention for non-life threatening injuries. It was unknown if Donald Williams, driver of the 18-wheeler involved suffered any injuries.

The fatally injured victims were identified as 19-year-old Zachary A. Nolen, 21-year-old Joshua A. Sherbourne and 19-year-old Michael T. Theodore Jr. They were reportedly en route to Cleveland, Ohio to take their military entrance exams when the deadly collision occurred. It was not stated whether any charges or citations were expected with regard to the accident. Investigations are underway.

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