Westlake OH man fell head first into well; submerged in water for about 5 min.

Westlake OH man fell head first into well; submerged in water for about 5 min.


Legal News for Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys. A man is fighting for his life after plunging head first into an 8-foot well.

Ohio personal injury attorney alerts- Ohio man fell into sump pump; might have suffered possible TBI after being submerged under water for five minutes.

Westlake, OH—An Ohio man is in critical condition after he fell head first to the bottom of an 8-foot well on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. The accident occurred at 851 Bradley Road, where the man’s friend witnessed the horrifying incident, according to information provided by Fox 8.

A basement leak allegedly prompted Hal Seagraves, 53, to attempt to fix the problem in his sump pump. Upon doing so, however, the man reportedly fell into the 8-foot hole and was knocked unconscious with his head and arms submerged in two feet of water. Seagraves’ unidentified friend proceeded to dial 911, stating, “I’ve got a friend that fell down a sump pump well… He’s submerged and I can’t get him out… Too heavy.”

Authorities from the Westlake Police Department within approximately five minutes, all the while the injured victim remained submerged. One police officer allegedly managed to grab hold of Seagraves’ foot, enabling two other deputies to grasp his leg and pull him from the sump pump.

Police authorities then went on to perform CPR on the injured man while awaiting fire rescue crews from the Westlake Fire Department to arrive at the scene. Seagraves’ was subsequently transported to St. John West Shore Hospital in critical condition. Officials have not released his updated condition, though since he was deprived of air for an extended period of time, there is a chance he might have suffered a possible traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the accident.

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