Two Martinsville, IN police deputies suspended after using stun gun on child

Two Martinsville, IN police deputies suspended after using stun gun on child


Legal News for Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys. Two police officers have been suspended with pay after they allegedly tased an unruly 10-year-old boy at an Indiana day care center.

Indiana personal injury attorney alerts- Martinsville, Indiana police authorities used Taser on child.

Martinsville, IN—Two police officers were placed on administrative leave after they allegedly used a Taser to suppress an “out-of-control” child. The incident occurred at a Martinsville, Indiana day care center on Tuesday, March 30, 2010, according to information provide by

The mayor’s office and Martinsville Police Department published a press release with regard to the Tuesday evening incident, in which two Martinsville police deputies were reportedly dispatched to Tender Teddies Day Care after receiving notification of an irrepressible 10-year-old. Upon arriving at the day care, the two unidentified police authorities reportedly found the child incessantly kicking and shouting. As a means of preventing the child from harming anyone, including himself, the officers reportedly slapped and then tased the young boy. Tuesday’s episode was not the first incident in which police were called to the day care concerning the same disorderly child.

The According to the news release, “While the department will not condone the unnecessary treatment of any subject, regardless of age, in any apprehension situation, additional comments will not be made pending results of the final investigation”, which was being conducted by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department. Heath Lancaster, owner of Tender Teddies Day Care, would not comment on the matter.

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