Kentucky woman who survived deadly 1988 Carrollton bus crash injured yet again

Kentucky woman who survived deadly 1988 Carrollton bus crash injured yet again


Legal News for Kentucky Auto Accident Attorneys. A woman who was injured in Kentucky’s most catastrophic DUI-related crash was injured in another accident.

Kentucky auto accident attorney alerts- Victim suffered injuries in Highway 448 head-on collision.

Louisville, KY—A woman who is no stranger to violent crashes suffered serious injured in a Mead County, Kentucky head-on collision Saturday, March 27, 2010. The victim was also involved in Kentucky’s most infamous drunk driving wreck, in which 27 people were killed on March 14, 1988, according to information provided by

Reports stated Tammy Darnell was traveling on Highway 448 in close proximity to Brandenburg Station when she realized an oncoming vehicle had veered into her lane for unknown reasons. She was apparently unable to avoid a collision with the other vehicle and was consequently struck head-on. On impact, her vehicle seemingly careened into a ditch.

Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel transported her to an area hospital where she is expected to remain in recovery for another month. Doctors at the medical center reportedly noted that it could take a year to fully comprehend the degree of Darnell’s injuries.

When Darnell was 16, an inebriated wrong-way driver, identified as Larry Mahoney, smashed into the church bus she had been traveling in. Twenty-seven people, consisting mostly of children, were killed in the Carrollton, Kentucky bus-involved motor vehicle collision (MVC). Darnell allegedly suffered a broken collarbone in the tragic bus wreck.

Authorities from the Meade County Sheriff’s Office are conducting a probe into the accident and toxicology tests are reportedly pending.

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