FL truck wreck update: Dwyer High School freshman killed in PBC pickup accident

Legal News for Florida Truck Accident Lawyers. Drinking was believed to be a factor in a pickup truck crash that killed a press-cleaning contractor and teen boy.

Florida truck accident lawyer alerts- William T. Dwyer High School student killed in fatal Palm Beach County truck crash.

Palm Beach County, FL—The teen killed in a single-vehicle pickup truck crash on Caloosa Boulevard in Palm Beach County, Florida, early Tuesday, March 30, 2010, only knew the motorist behind the wheel for a few hours prior to the fatal accident, according to updated reports by the Palm Beach Post and previous information provided by Justice News Flash.

Jeannette Estremera, 15-year-old victim Osvaldo Estremera’s mother, reported she had taken her son and his two friends to a barbeque at her friend’s house in the Caloosa neighborhood on Monday night. A friend of the homeowner, 28-year-old Jay Brandon Collins, had allegedly been drinking at the home that night. When the homeowner and Estremera’s mother stepped out to stop at the grocery store, Collins invited the William T. Dwyer High School freshman to go on “joy ride” in a truck that did not belong to him. Unfortunately, they never made it back.

According to Sgt. John Churchill, head of the PBCO traffic homicide division, tire tracks at the scene of the fatal wreck revealed the pickup truck involved in the incident “took a curve too wide”, causing the vehicle to veer off the roadway. Upon doing so, the truck hit an embankment and then careened into a canal. Both of the pickup truck’s occupants were ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene.

Collins’ body was found at the scene and the driver’s license he had on him was allegedly deemed to be invalid. Alcohol was believed to have been a factor in the fatal pickup truck accident. Investigations continue.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Truck Accident Lawyers.