CTA faces pending wrongful death litigation after bus ran over Chicago, IL man

Legal News for Illinois Wrongful Death Attorneys. The CTA faces pending litigation after a pedestrian was killed in a bus-involved motor vehicle collision (MVC).

Illinois wrongful death attorney alerts- A lawsuit was filed against the CTA after a pedestrian death.

Chicago, IL—The sister of a man killed in a recent bus-involved traffic collision on Chicago’s Near West Side has filed a wrongful death with regard to the fatal incident. The lawsuit was filed against the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) on Tuesday, March 30, 2010, in Cook County Circuit Court, according to information provided by MyFoxChicago.com.

On March 18, 53-year-old James Minter was reportedly disembarking from a CTA No. 9 Ashland bus at the West Harrison Street bus stop when the city vehicle began to continue forward. Unfortunately, Minter had not yet made his way to the curb of the roadway and was subsequently run over after falling in close proximity to the bus’ rear wheels. Although emergency medical services (EMS) personnel responded to the scene to transport the severely injured bus rider to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital for treatment, he succumbed to his extensive injuries and was pronounced fatal at 2:19 p.m.

Sandra Minter, the victim’s sister, alleges “the bus driver failed to check the mirrors before pulling away, failed to make sure Minter was safely on the curb and failed to stop the bus after Minter fell”, in the wrongful death suit. On the other hand, CTA spokesperson Katelyn Thrall reportedly contended the bus had a green traffic light and was proceeding towards it when Mint fell, causing him to become involved in the accident. She also noted the bus driver was on leave, which is a standard procedure for CTA bus drivers’ involved in collisions. The plaintiff is seeking over $30,000 from the CTA.