Indianapolis child critically injured on “tea cup” ride at IN amusement park

Indianapolis child critically injured on “tea cup” ride at IN amusement park


Legal News for Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys. A 6-year-old boy suffered critical injuries, which could include a possible TBI, in an amusement park accident.

Indiana personal injury attorney alerts- Child suffered critical injuries, possible TBI, at indoor amusement park accident.

Indianapolis, IN—A young boy suffered critical injuries and was placed in a medically-induced coma after an accident occurred on the “tea cup” ride at an indoor amusement park in Indianapolis, Indiana. The horrifying amusement park accident occurred on Friday, March 26, 2010 and was reported to be the first accident to happen at the amusement center, which opened in December 2008, according to information provided by

Although details as to how the accident occurred were scarce, 6-year-old Denzel Jenning’s parents reported that the child suffered critical injuries, including head fractures, which could have caused a potential traumatic brain injury (TBI). The boy also allegedly had a seizure en route to the hospital and was placed in a chemically-induced coma on Friday.

When the Indiana state fire marshal reported to the scene to inspect the “tea-cup” ride involved in the traumatic accident, authorities discovered the rides at Xscape amusement center had not been inspected in over a year. The permit that permitted Xscape to have rides allegedly expired in December 2009.

As of Tuesday, March 30, 2010, Jennings remained in a medically-induced coma. According to his father, Dennis Jennings, “From a ride that’s called the tea cup that’s made for toddlers, he’s fighting for his life right now.” Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD) authorities and lawyers are expected to conduct a full investigation into the unfortunate amusement park accident.

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