Freak accident at Longhorn Invitation injured a Washington women’s golfer

Legal news for personal injury attorneys. A golfer was injured when she was hit by a golf cart while at the Longhorn Invitational.

Personal injury attorneys alert- A woman was injured in a freak accident involving two golf carts.

Austin, TX—A Washington women’s golfer was sent to the hospital during the final round of the Longhorn Invitational after being involved in a freak accident. The Huskies’ golfer was injured on Sunday, March 28, 2010 when she became pinned in between two golf carts, as reported by The Seattle Times.

Karinn Dickinson, a junior from Mulkiteo, was hit and pinned between two golf carts just before the beginning of the final round at the University of Texas Gulf Club. Dickinson was reportedly standing next to a gulf cart when another gold cart, driven by a volunteer, accidentally ran into her and trapped her between the two carts. Dickson was immediately cared for by Texas staff members until the EMTs arrived at the scene and transported her to St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center for treatment. Her X-rays revealed that she sustained a bruised tibia and was then released from the hospital. She returned to the game and cheered her team members on from the side lines while on crutches. No word if any investigation is being conducted.

The Huskies were among 16 other teams who were competing at the Longhorn Invitational that weekend.

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