Elm Grove, WI couple files personal injury suit against Canadian Pacific Railway

Elm Grove, WI couple files personal injury suit against Canadian Pacific Railway


Legal News for Wisconsin Train Accident Attorneys. A lawsuit seeks compensation for injuries and damages sustained in a train-involved collision in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin train accident lawyer alerts- A man who suffered injuries in a train collision has filed a personal injury lawsuit.

Elm Grove, WI—A personal injury lawsuit has been filed in connection with a train collision that left two people injured on Memorial Day in 2009. Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR; CP Rail) was named in the lawsuit, according to information provided by Fox 6 News on Monday, March 29, 2010.

According to reports, Scott Partenfelder was in a van with his wife and child when their vehicle seemingly became stuck on the tracks as a freight train was approaching the railroad crossing. Partenfelder and Officer John Kron seemingly rushed to get Partenfelder’s wife and child out of the vehicle. Although they managed to do so, the police officer and Partenfelder suffered serious injuries.

With Partenfelder’s medical bills, which included expenses deriving from surgical procedures, physical therapy, and visits to the doctor, amounting to a sum of approximately $300,000, the injured train crash victim and his wife reportedly believe they should be compensated. The couple reportedly contended that Canadian Pacific was negligent on the day of the accident, subsequently stating, “In a letter dated May 15th, Elm Grove Police warned the company’s rail police of the potential for pedestrian and vehicle hazards on the track. Even calling about an hour before the crash.” The plaintiffs alleged the railway company ignored such warnings.

The couple is allegedly seeking compensation for Partenfelder’s medical expenses as well as additional monetary damages. Canadian Pacific did not comment on pending litigation.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Wisconsin Train Accident Lawyers.

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