“The choking game” killed 11-year-old Nebraska boy; parents warned

Legal news for personal injury attorneys. Parents are being warned about “the choking game” after a sudden death.

Personal injury attorneys alert- “The choking game” can cause death among children, parents given warning signs.

Butler County, NE—An 11-year-old boy was found dead in his room with a belt wrapped around his neck from apparently playing “the choking game.” This recent and untimely dead has brought forth the dangers of this popular game, which is also warning parents that their kids could be participating in the deadly game, as reported by KETV.

Drew Fiala, 11, of David City was found dead in his room with a belt around his neck after his parents began looking for him when he hadn’t come home for several hours. On a recent Friday, Drew’s parents Luke and Kandie Fiala, frantically began looking for Drew, when they found the grisly scene. He had been in his room the entire time as his parents spent three hours searching for him. Officials believe Drew died from suffocation while playing a popular game among kids called “the choking game.”

“The choking game” is where you choke yourself or someone else until they pass out. As they come too, they get a rush or “high.” This game is extremely dangerous because the participant could be suffocating themselves or someone else and not even know it.

The Butler County Sheriff are advising parents are advised to look for the following warning signs to determine if their children have been playing this potentially deadly game:

• Sudden bruises or marks around your child’s neck.
• Ropes, belts or other materials seemingly showing up without reason in your child’s possession.
• Your child starts spending more time alone behind closed doors.
• Check your computer for Web sites or searches about the choking game.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for personal injury lawyers.