Alabama man struck, killed after trying to drive around active RR crossing gates

Legal News for Alabama Train Accident Attorneys. A train struck a vehicle after the driver tried to steer around active guard arms at a railroad crossing.

Alabama train accident lawyer alerts- A man suffered fatal injuries after his car was struck by a CSX train.

Theodore, AL—A train smashed into a vehicle after the driver, who suffered fatal injuries in the incident, attempted to veer around the railroad barricades on Sunday, March 28, 2010. The fatal locomotive-involved motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred at the Bellingrath railroad crossing in Theodore, Alabama, according to information provided by WKRG News 5.

Police officials reported that although the guard arms and warning lights were activated, 44-year-old Thomas Dalton tried to drive around the gates at the railroad crossing; however, he was unsuccessful in doing so. An oncoming CSX train consequently struck Dalton’s car, causing him to suffer severe injuries, which proved fatal at the scene.

Reporters allegedly learned that many Theodore locals have been known to drive around the barricades at a few known railroad crossings, which included those at Bellingrath Road, Old Rock, Road, and Hamilton Road. They apparently do so because although the safety guards and lights are activated, there have been many instances in which no train would approach, let alone pass through the crossings. Many motorists have allegedly expressed their beliefs that the railroad crossing’s warning lights and gates may be defective.

CSX spokesperson Gary Cease reportedly stated the railway has not received any notification of malfunctioning safety devices and continued on to warn motorists that it is against the law to drive around active railroad crossing guard arms. Investigations into the fatal train-involved collision are expected to continue.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Alabama Train Accident Lawyers.