Oregon motorcycle crash—Deer Island motorcycle wreck killed 1

Legal news for Oregon motorcycle accident attorneys. A motorcycle wreck killed a man on his newly purchased motorcycle.

Oregon State Police alerts motorcycle accident lawyers- A crash involving a Harley Davidson motorcycle killed one man on Deer Island.

Columbia County, OR—A joy ride for one St. Helens man quickly turned deadly when he crashed his newly purchased Harley Davidson motorcycle on Highway 30. The fatal accident occurred Saturday, March 27, 2010 in Deer Island, as reported by KATU.

John Rethati, 29, of St. Helens, was a proud new owner of a Harley motorcycle when he decided to go out for a ride with his father on separate bikes. During their spring time motorcycle ride, Rethati apparently lost control of his motorcycle when he couldn’t quite negotiate a curve in the road. He then slammed into a guardrail and was ejected off the bike onto the hard ground. He was pronounced dead when rescue teams arrived at the scene. The Oregon State Police investigators are currently looking into the wreck and what may have caused him to loose control of the motorcycle. Rethati was apparently wearing a helmet at the time, which is required by Oregon state laws. The victim reportedly bought his Harley just one week before the tragic accident.

Motorcyclists are advised to sign up and take a safety class, wear safety gear, and always check their motorcycles for mechanical problems before going for a ride.

A full investigation is currently ongoing.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Oregon motorcycle accident lawyers.